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Alecoil Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

For Water Heating, Floor Heating, Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration

This units are a compact, efficient and maintenance free solution for heating, cooling, evaporation and condensing in numerous applications. Each unit is designed for duty optimization, ensure both superior thermal performance and maximum reliability. This enables the longest possible service life even under conditions with extremely high design pressures.

  • Made of SS316L & Coppe
  • Fish Bone Plate Design
  • Compact, Efficient and Maintenance Free
  • Certificated by UL

Water to Water Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchangerr


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Cover PlateSS304
PressureDesign Pressure652 PSI
Testing Pressure971 PSI
TemperatureOp. Temp.-256℉ ~ 482℉

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Model and Size

Brazed Plate
Heat Exchanger
Dimensions/inchWeightHeat Transfer
FHC014-10-4.5108.07 2.95 1.97 6.771.651.30 3/42.36 1.35
FHC014-16-4.5168.07 2.95 2.48 6.771.651.81 3/42.91 2.25
FHC014-20-4.5208.07 2.95 2.83 6.771.652.17 3/43.28 2.85
FHC014-26-4.5268.07 2.95 3.39 6.771.652.72 3/43.84 3.75
FHC014-40-4.5408.07 2.95 4.65 6.771.653.98 3/45.14 5.84
FHC028-10-4.51012.24 4.37 2.36 9.841.971.42 15.73 2.70 
FHC028-20-4.52012.24 4.37 3.23 9.841.972.28 17.61 5.70 
FHC028-30-4.53012.24 4.37 4.13 9.841.973.19 19.48 8.70 
FHC028-40-4.54012.24 4.37 5.04 9.841.974.09 111.35 11.70 
FHC030B-50-4.55011.81 4.72 5.98 9.842.765.04 1-1/413.89 15.68
FHC030B-60-4.56011.81 4.72 6.85 9.842.765.91 1-1/415.87 18.88
FHC030B-70-4.57011.81 4.72 7.76 9.842.766.81 1-1/417.86 22.08
FHC030B-80-4.58011.81 4.72 8.66 9.842.767.72 1-1/419.84 25.28
FHC030B-100-4.510011.81 4.72 10.43 9.842.769.49 1-1/423.81 31.68

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Applications

How it works and Internal Schematic

Connect Method

1.Screw Thread Link
In order to avoid the danger to the components, there will be no load to the
link between BPHE and the piece, you need use screw cap and airproof circle
to airproof. Use ergometer refer to the data in the table to do the screw thread
2.Copper Brazing Link
Clean weld surface, brush on the chlorate brazing
flux, using 40-50 silver-based rod for welding, the maximum temperature does
not exceed 1202°F. Cooling water into the water-side, and in the vicinity of
welding department to impose an appropriate cooling method prevents the
temperature is too high, and the refrigerant-side injection with chlorine to oxidation.


Please refer to nameplate’s connected tube sketch and installation drawing.
Moreover, customer should configure a connected tube accurately, and install
brazed plate heat exchanger vertically.

If the pipeline has vibration, longer pipe and higher thermal expansion, which
will affect brazed plate heat exchanger. You’d better consider adopting the
following devices: install rubber pad between brazed plate heat exchanger
and bracket; compressor with shock absorber, and use corrugated pipe or
other damping devices when straight pipe is longer.


* The correct connection direction, the system piping and heat exchanger connected can not have tangential force to prevent leading breakage, which should be used less force, vibration reduction measures.
* Water quality should be clean and no fouling, and take control of the chloride ion content can not be too high. You’d better be careful when using bad cooling water. Pollutants such as sulfuric acid and sulfur oxides will increase chlorine corrosion. Usually, PH value should between 7 to 9, higher PH value may lead to scaling, even corrosion.
* Filter, the mesh size between 0.5~1.5mm of decontamination device could be installed in the cooling water circuit in front of water pump, the mesh size
depend on water quality and protection degree.
* You’d better consider anti-freezing phenmenon which will cause serious damage to the product, and ultimately lead to compressor failure.
* This produce should be installed upright.