Round tube microchannel heat exchanger

The micro-micro-channel metal circular tube heat exchanger has the advantages of higher heat exchange efficiency, longer service life, smaller volume, lighter weight, flexible and changeable, and wider application range, and effectively solves the problem of other micro-channel heat exchangers. There are technical problems such as uneven distribution of refrigerant in the heater, dust accumulation and defrosting. It has been verified by experiments that in heat exchangers with the same cooling capacity, the micro-micro-channel metal circular tube heat exchanger can reduce the volume by 87%, the weight by 72%, and the refrigerant charge by 80% compared with the finned heat exchanger.

The products have been successfully tried in the occasions where the size and weight of heat exchangers have special requirements for automobiles, microelectronics, and aerospace, and the production of industrialized products has been completed.

Tubing(MM) ] 0.1~0.9
Circuit Type As requested supporting single or multiple compressor circuits
Tube materials Stainless Steel,Copper or Aluminum
Casing / Mounting Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper or Aluminum
Options Side port connection, E-Coat