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Alecoil Water to Air Heat Exchanger

For Forced Air Heating, Outdoor Wood Furnaces, Residential Heating and Cooling


There are three rows of 3/8″ copper tubes and 12 aluminium fins per inch. Additionally, it used the technique of sine wave fins and rifled copper tubes, which is the secret to great performance and efficiency and gives you an extra 20–30% heat exchanger performance. 


Aluminium fins with an epoxy resin coating are used in the fins. It reduces the likelihood of several types of corrosion reactions occurring, offers long-term corrosion protection to increase the unit’s lifespan, and improves performance and dependability.


The Heat Exchanger is ideal for outdoor wood furnaces, greenhouse heating, forced air heating, air conditioning, hybrid systems, and other commercial and domestic heating and cooling needs.


C22 X 24

Water to Air Heat Exchanger

C20 X 20

Water to Air Heat Exchanger

C18 X 20

Water to Air Heat Exchanger

C18 X 18

Water to Air Heat Exchanger

C16 X 16

Water to Air Heat Exchanger

C12 X 15

Water to Air Heat Exchanger

C12 X 12

Water to Air Heat Exchanger

Water to Air Heat Exchanger Applications

Water to Air Heat Exchanger Manufacturer


Sine Wave Fins

Sine wave fins have a wave-like surface pattern that increases air turbulence.

Sine wave fins perform better heat transfer than conventional corrugated fins.

Rifled Copper Tube

By virtue of its rifled construction, a rifled copper tube expands the contact area and capacity of the fluid media. Rifled copper tubes offer superior heat exchanger performance than smooth copper tubes of the same size.

Aluminum Fin

The heat conductivity and corrosion resistance of aluminium are both higher.

The aluminium fins are pressed using a specific undulation that promotes heat exchange between the air and the fin while decreasing load losses on the air side.

 Epoxy Coating

Hydrophobic coating made of epoxy is applied to the fins.

This successfully prevents the buildup of bacteria and dust. Additionally, long-term corrosion resistance contributes to the unit’s durability and performance while extending its lifespan.

Helium Leak Test

Each Alecoil heat exchanger goes through a helium leak test to eliminate any little leaks to guarantee the long life and high dependability of all our products.

Easy to Install

Four thickened MNPT ports make it easier to install the heat exchanger by allowing it to slide into the plenum. Therefore, installation won’t require any specialized equipment.


Inevitably, the copper tube’s surface oxidizes throughout the manufacturing process, which somewhat affects appearance but has no impact on heat exchanger performance. If the heat exchanger is not in use for an extended period, the pipes should be filled with water in the summer to prevent oxidation and corrosion and drained of water in the winter to avoid ice expansion that could break the pipes.